Girl Does not Realize She’s Sitting Next To Her Favorite Singer. Hillarious!


Girl Does not Realize She’s Sitting Next To Her Favorite Singer on a Plane. While he Tweets The Live Incident.

How good it feels to meet your favorite star. Right? But if he is sitting just next to you but you forget to recognize, and you realize this afterward. Sounds Weird. Right! Today we will let you know about the incident that happened in July 2017. A lucky girl got an opportunity to sit next to her favorite singer but fails to recognize him. Dutch musician Dotan was sitting just next to her and they had conversations too but how sad girl fails to realize she’s sitting next to her favorite Singer on a Plane.


The incident took place in July 2017, Dutch Singer and musician Dotan live-tweeted how a young girl was sitting next to him and was listening to the playlist of his songs but did not recognize him. But he did not reveal his identity and assumed that she might be following him on Twitter. So he tweeted a hello and “thanked her for listening to his songs and singing along quietly”.

He took to Twitter and Shared The Thread of his Tweets and shared the Incident. Seriously, it’s Hilarious!

Still, She Didn’t Recognize Him.



Guess What Happened, The Girl Made Dotan to Listen to His own Song.


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