Get Ready To Say Goodbye To Trial Rooms


Recently, a boutique store named as OMO (On My Own) which has a good costumer base in Goa, announced its post-lockdown re-opening. They announced it through a Instagram post that came with an advisory for customers to wear a mask and sanitise their hands as they enter the shop. On their behalf, the store said they’d quarantine any item that was tried on and not bought.

Even so, the probability is that trial rooms might become a thing of the past as businesses would start reopening slowly in the Lockdown 4.0.

Designer Hemant Sagar of Genes Lecoanet Hemant says that the consumer behaviour will shift to safety and sanitation now and as businesses too it is extremely crucial to safeguard the health of our staff on the floor and everyone who walks in.

Bid Adieu To Trial Rooms

All retail shoppers who believe in trying it first and buying later might have to switch to online shopping as trial rooms are likely to become a thing of the past. Mohan Clothing owned menswear apparel brand, Blackberrys, for example, is planning to do away with trial rooms. “Trials, which ensured conversion, may be bit of a speed breaker now,” says Nitin Mohan, co-founder and director of Blackberrys.

Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Tanishq says, “In our Tanishq stores, if every counter has four chairs, we will reduce it to one and mark the place where the chair needs to be kept.”

Within an area of 1,000 square feet, Phoenix malls will only allow four customers. Denim brand Levi will only allow one or two walk ins per section. Sanjeev Mohanty, MD, South Asia, Middle East & North Africa at Levi Strauss & Co says, “We have done online training for nearly 4,000 front end staff and managers on an average of seven hours across 12 countries.”

Designer Shruti Sancheti believes that physical retail is going to face a lot of challenges and obstacles to remain relevant. She says, “A detailed size chart with corresponding international numbers along with pictures of various views online would reduce the frequency of trial room visits and yet account for brand loyalty and sales.”