Fun traditions to spice up things with your partner


Marriage opens up the passage to a whole new level of opportunities for the couple. It offers you a chance to explore things with your partner and make your married life more happening. Let us help you with starting some fun traditions. The point of all of this is for you two to create special memories and explore the fun side of your partner. Let’s dive right into the list of the fun traditions and get you on board.

1) The flick date night

There’s something iconic about staying in your happy place and watching some good movies together. The best part is you don’t have to spend bucks to make this possible. Thanks to Netflix, things are super easy now. Just get some popcorn and you guys are good to go.

2) Recreate the first date

To go back down the memory lane and re-live the moment of your first date is surely going to be a refreshing moment. I know it’s a bit cheesy but a little cheese is needed for time to time. Don’t you agree? This exciting tradition involves that you go back to the initial day on every wedding anniversary.

3) Leave love filled newspaper keep in mind
Leaving some tokens of love in the form of a note is super adorable. It doesn’t cost you any money yet it evokes so much love and respect. Now where you place these love notes matter a lot, as the more unforeseen it is, the better.

4) Pamper each other

Let’s face it straight, we all love to be pampered. So you plan these pamper evenings and enjoy some relaxing time together. Grab some scrubs, face or hair masks, and hit some music. Not only it is relaxing but also healthy and super fun.

5) Plan some evening activities.
Get ready to unleash the competitive spirit in you. You can play games like panel activities or video games or even card games. If you have kids, include them in the game to make it more fun. It is amusing to have some family time together and relax after a long day.