From weight loss to make you fair, this ingredient has miracle benefits.


From weight loss to make your skin fair, this ingredient has miracle benefits.

Fennel is used as a mouth freshener after eating food in our country. It not only removes bad breath but also keeps our digestion right. That’s why you have seen in many places that people eat fennel after eating. Fennel keeps you away from the problem of gas.

Fennel seeds are very beneficial in the summer season, in Rajasthan and Gujarat, its syrup is very popular. Apart from repairing the digestive system, the fatty weight also regulates. Today everyone is passing through a problem of weight increase. Everyone tries different ways to reduce the weight. But it does not benefit much.

Removes fatigue:

Fennel is rich in nutrients and powerful antioxidants and it provides much more coolness to our body. In summer, when you are very tired, drinking the fennel sharbat reduces the heat of our body and fills our mind with the body as well as freshness. Fennels removes the bad smell from our breath and keep our mouth cleaned. According to Ayurveda, fennel also removes all three types of defects and keeps the body’s heat calm.

Makes Fair:

Mixing a teaspoon of sugar and honey in fennel juice and drinking it makes the color of our skin fair and removes all dark spots from the skin.

Reduces Weight:

A spoonful of honey mixed with fennel water, by consuming it in an empty stomach every morning, the weight of your body will start decreasing very rapidly, you will feel yourself that you are reducing your extra inches. fennel water is the most successful recipe for weight loss. If you drink it in an empty stomach water every morning, then your weight will start losing soon.

Removes toxins from the body:

When toxins are present in your body you will feel really heavy. Fennel seeds have a diuretic property, with the help of which there is no excess water in your body. Along with excess water, it also removes toxins from your body which helps in reducing the weight of your body.

How to make Fennel Sharbat:

It is very easy to make Fennel drink. Boil it in water, cool it or keep it soaked in water overnight and filter it the next morning and drink it. If you want to enhance its taste then soak the sugar candy in it. In the morning, add some seeds of cardamon and mix it. Apart from this, adding a pinch of black pepper also enhances the flavor.

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