Forget black and green tea. Have you heard about blue tea?


Forget black and green tea. Have you heard about blue tea? You will be stunned after knowing its miracle benefits.

You must have drink Ginger Tea, Black Tea and Green Tea many times, but do you ever have Blue Tea ? Do not get surprised by thinking! This might sound strange. Blue Tea is a special type of drink that keeps you healthy while removing the stress. Almost every person in our country begins their day with a hot tea cup.

Drinking tea in our country is a custom and we can also call it desi energy drink. We also have lots of variations in tea such as green tea and black tea. People who take special care of their health often like drinking green tea. But today we will tell you about the benefits of drinking Blue Tea, after drinking it you will be healthy and also energized.

How is Blue Tea prepared?

Blue tea is prepared from Aparajita flowers, as beautiful as it looks in flowering, its benefits are equally incredible. This flower has hidden beauty and health secrets. Drinking it will make you feel refreshing and energized.

Heat the water and add one spoon of sugar and Aparajita flower to it. In this way, the blue tea can beat any green tea in terms of taste and health. Whether you wish to dry the flowers of Aprajita and make powder and make tea. In this, add 2 cardamom pieces to enhance the taste. Most of the Indians prefer to take a sip of hot tea for removing fatigue and stress from running away from day-to-day running stress. But if you want to get away from fatigue and stress, then you should use Tea made from Aparajita flowers.

For changing the color of the food:

If you want to change the colors of your food, use the flowers of Aparajita. For this, dry out this flower and make it powder. Now add one tablespoon of this powder to the food you want to change. This will change the color of your food and the taste will also increase.

Enhances Beauty:

Blue Tea also enhances your beauty. You can use Aparajita to get a beautiful skin in addition to drinking tea. For this, you should prepare the coating of the root of Aparajita plant and apply it on the skin. This increases the glow of the face.

Loose weight:

To lose weight in countries like Taiwan and China, people have been drinking tea made of Aparajita flowers from old age. It does not allow weight to increase and acts like antioxidant.

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