Best Football Gear and Sports Wear Brands in the World


Every Football fan is on a lookout to find out who the best football player is but there is another topic that gets them talking and debating and that is deciding which is the best soccer brand available and brands that make good quality soccer products and as well as sponsor the best footballers in the world. 

There are many good brands that can be considered das the best in modern football. Apart from football, these brands also manufacture football gear and are now at the top of the game. Let’s find out what are the 10 best soccer brands available today.

10 Reebok

Reebok is the subsidiary of Adidas since 2005 and manufactures some of the best footwear and apparel for sports. Reebok was once a popular brand in football but now is into other sports.  Earlier Reebok had names like Thierry Henry, Andriy Shevchenko who were endorsed by Reebok. Today their main focus in on other sports.

9 Mizuno Corporation

Mizuno Corporation

Mizuno Corp is one of the prestigious brands in sports. It is a Japanese sportswear and equipment company which is quite famous all over the world.  Mizuno, despite being an Asian company, it has earned its place in the world elites. Known to sponsor Rivaldo, Torres through their career. 

8 Lotto


It is one of the most popular brands in the world and is preferred not just for sports but also for general use. Earlier it was known to produce kits for major clubs in Europe. Known to have sponsored the Brazilian Legend Cafu in the World Cup 2002 and players like Luca Toni, Simone Perrota.

7 Kappa


Kappa is another major football sponsor, It was founded in Italy in 1916. Today they are into manufacturing apparel and sports gear for various sports, but their main focus is still on football. 

6 Diadora


Like Lotto and Kappa, Diadora is also Italian and was founded years after them. It is known to be the best Italian Sportswear manufacturers in the world. It has sponsored players like Francesco Totti, Alvaro Recoba and others. 

5 Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour is a sports gear manufacturer from United States and is drastically improving its products to lead the football industry. They are sponsoring Fluminense, AZ Alkmaar and English Southampton presently. 

4 Umbro


Umbro is an English football equipment and sportswear brand. It was brought from Nike in 2007 and later sold to Iconic Brand Group in 2012 and since then Umbro has been doing great. They are the biggest suppliers in Europe and are sponsoring champions like Schalke 04 and CSKA Moscow and also for some of the best south American Clubs. 

3 Puma


As we all know Puma is one of the leading brands in sports apparel and gear. It was made to compete with Adidas, and it isn’t better than Adidas but still is one of the best. They are known to sponsor a lot of teams and players like Antoine Griezmann and teams like Marseille and Milan.

2 Nike


Nike is a brand in a different league all together and is fighting for the top spot with Adidas like forever. It is one of the most famous companies that manufacture sports gear. In football it is associated with top notch players like Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. It is the best not only in sports but also in general. The brand behind Total 90 and mercurial Shoes, which makes fan crazy.

1 Adidas


Adidas is the world leader in Sports gear manufacturing. They have been known to produce balls for the world cup. The best football teams of the world are supplied by Adidas. Players like Lio Messi, Paul Pogba and Dele Alli are sponsored by Adidas and Teams like Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are sponsored by Adidas too. It is the best brand in soccer and will be for the years to come.