Follow these rules before you get into a live-in relationship.


Follow these rules before you get into a Live-In relationship.

Staying with your partner can be a start of a new life but at the same time, it is also very difficult. To keep your relationship healthy and fun, you must follow certain rules and criteria. Staying with your partner is a big step in the relationship.

Whether you have been dating or knowing each other for years but sometimes it becomes difficult to share the same house. Live-in relationship is a very big decision, which requires lots of planning, commitment, love, and dedication.


Before taking the decision of marriage, couples nowadays decide to first know each other and how compatible they are with each other. But most of the parents are also against this decision whereas some parents think its a good decision before stepping into the complete world.

There is a difference between visiting your partner’s home and staying there. To be happy together, you and your partner need to adopt some rules and with the help of them, your relationship becomes joyful and exciting.

When making rules both of you should keep in mind some points and parameters, because, with the help of them, the coordination between you will become good. When you make these rules, you will have to think calmly, logically and kindly for each other.

Make sure you make it before you go to stay with your partner.

1st rule: Don’t fight before sleeping:

One should never fight before sleeping, it would be the best part of your life. Do not fight with your partner before sleeping. It affects your relationship. Both of you have to keep this thing in mind.

Fighting with your partner and sleeping not only disturbs your sleep but also ruins your next morning.

Sleeping in anger means that your next morning got spoiled. This makes war or debate long. You do not know what will happen the next morning so it is better to settle that matter before you sleep at night. Debate and quarrel cost lots of energy and its impact will be on both of you. The next day, you can get tired of the fight and you will be thinking about it all day. So it would be better to settle the matter at night and sleep with each other by giving a good night to each other.

2nd Rule: Decorate Home Together:

This will not only increase the love between the two of you, but both of you will understand each other’s thoughts well. There are some things that can be done to decorate the house that you both like. Even then you both have to work together to decorate your home. With the choice of both of you, your home can be slightly different, but if you love your partner then you will also give preference to their choice.

3rd Rule: Share Household work:

When two people live under one roof, then work should be divided between both of them. This reduces the burden of work on both partners and the work of the house is also handled comfortably.

4th Rule: Time for yourself:

Besides relationship, you should also get quality time for yourself. Despite being together, it is very important to have a personal space. Read your favorite book and listen to music. You do what you get pleasure from. It is very important for a happy relationship.

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