Five of The Best Brazilian Footballers of All Time Who Played For the Brazilian National Team.

Best Brazilian Footballers

The most successful nation in the world in the field of football is Brazil. Until now they have won 5 world cups and until now no other nation has done that so far. Not just world cups but Brazil has also given the world the most prodigious footballers till date.

Even the maximum number of Under 17 and under 20 World cups have been won by Brazil and won the Copa America on nice occasions.

Top Five Brazilian Footballers

Brazil is all about football, the entire nation breathes Football, and a win is celebrated in the entire nation and a defeat is considered a disaster in Brazil. Football is worshipped there, and the nation team known as the Selecao stands for hopes and dreams for Brazilians.

It should be difficult to pick five of the best footballers to hail from Brazil, but we will still try to come up with the list which does as much justice as possible to the great tradition of Football and history of brazil.

#5 Zico 

Brazilian Footballers zico

He is one of the greatest footballers from Brazil. He was a top-class attacking midfielder in the Brazilian team of 1982 world cup which they could not win. The game in which brazil lost 2-3 against the Italian team and the match still is observed as the ultimate battle between two teams with different styles. Zico was a legendary dribbler and a very good passer too. Scored 476 goals in 699 matches in his entire career and 48 goals in 71 matches for the Brazilian nation team. 

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#4 Romario

romario footballer brazil

He was one of the most lethal scorers that football has ever seen. The control Romario had on the ball was superb and most of the times he managed to be the goal scoring position. He could shoot very accurately. In 1994 he won the world cup single handedly for brazil. Scored 679 goals in 886 matches in his career and 55 goals in 70 games for the Brazilian National team.

#3 Garrincha

Garrincha football player brazil

A legend in Brazil, He won the world cup for brazil in 1958 with two goals in the tournament. Later in 1962 World cup he again took everybody by surprise where he scored three goals and was crowned as the best player too. Pele could not play that tournament as he was injured. He was possibly the greatest dribbler of all time.

#2 Ronaldo

Ronaldo football player brazil

The finest striker football has ever seen. Ronaldo has won two world cups for the Brazilian team. Known to score 15 goals in just 3 world cups, he was the top goal scorer in world cup, later in 2014, Miroslav Klose broke his record. He is one of the players who won the Golden boot and the golden ball. Ronaldo has scored 62 goals in 98 matches for the Selecao. In his career as a footballer he has also won Ballon D’Or twice. 

#1 Pele

Pele football player brazil

He is the Greatest of all time. Pele is a legend in Brazil, and you will see statues of him and posters of him on walls even today. Known as The King as he got his fame when he helped Brazil win the world cup in 1958 at just the age of 17. He spent 18 years with Santos, a Brazilian club and scored round 600 goals for the team. Also, he scored 77 goals in 92 matches for Brazilian National Team.