Finally Some Good News, 10% Of Active COVID19 Positive Patients In India Successfully Recovered


The coronavirus outbreak has brought our lives to a hold. On a global scale, the COVID19 cases are increasing day by day. The pandemic that allegedly originated in Wuhan district of China is currently affecting more than 200 countries. Government in all the countries are trying their best to combat this deadly virus. The government of India ordered for a lockdown in the entire nation till 15th April.

To our relief, there is finally some good news that will provide us the hope we so desparately needed. As per the records of the Ministry of Health, in our country the number of COVID19 cases till date is 979 and even though the number of cases is ever-increasing, it has been recorded that a total of 86 patients have recovered from the virus. That makes up for 10% of the active cases in India.

The two states that are in urgent need to contain the virus are Maharashtra and Kerala. The number of cases in these two states are increasing at very rapid rate and might cross 200.

The number of COVID19 positive cases in Maharashtra is 182 with 25 recovered patients, whereas Kerala has 182 positive cases out of which 15 patients have fully recovered.

On a global level, as per the data collated by John Hopkins University, of the more than 500,000 people infected by the virus globally, around 130,000 have recovered. The recovery of patients can be attributed to the relentless efforts of doctor and all medical professionals.

For fighting the pandemic at the front-line, doctor and other medical professionals are being applauded all over the world. To appreciate the hard work, people across the world including India, Italy, Spain and France, have participated enthusiastically in clapping tributes. The latest example of the same happened in Thursday in the United Kingdom, where people went to their doorsteps and balconies to give a collective round of applause to the diligently working medical personnel.

Ironically, this trend of public cheering also began in Wuhan. Video clips of people cheering up to appreciate went viral on Chinese social media. People even sang from their apartment windows to boost each other’s morale.