FIFA World Cup 2018, First Sex bot brothel open in Russia.


FIFA World Cup 2018, First Sex bot brothel open in Russia

The FIFA World Cup is going to be held in Russia in the next few days. Where football lovers around the world are eagerly waiting for this tournament. There is another thing that is attracting tourists to come to Russia. That is the world’s first robot sex brothel i.e. robot sex brothel, which is also a center of attraction for the fans with the players.

According to an estimate, more than 1 million foreign fans are expected to arrive in Russia to see FIFA World Cup 2018 competitions this year. In such a situation, the Russian people will not even be able to earn enough money to earn salaries. With the intention of cutting silver on this occasion of earning, the robot sex brothel has just opened in Moscow, which is the world’s first robot sex brothel.

The brothel named ‘The Dolls Hotel’ is being claimed to have many robots looking like the exact person. It is being told that they specialize in satisfying a man’s sexual desire.

Spend less than 24 to 40 dollars (about 1600 to 2800 rupees), anyone can spend an hour with Robot in this legal brothel open in the busy business area of ​​Moscow. The Brothel founder Dmitri Alexandrov believes that this move will reduce the exploitation against women in Russia.

He said, ‘There is violent behavior with women in Russia. I hope this brothel will protect women from this problem. ” Sex-bots of this Brothel sex robot, i.e. sex robot, will be equipped with state-of-the-art mechanism, which will have mechanical movements, i.e. Along with this, there will be Artificial Brain which will satisfy sex desire according to human signs.

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