Female soldier said – I was sick that day, Major came to meet me and removed my underwear


Female soldier said – I was sick that day, Major came to meet me and removed my underwear.

North Korea is full of one oppression in one of its dictatorships. In a recent TV show, the former lady soldier revealed how she was sexually exploited and raped. 45-year-old Major General raped the 18-year-old female soldier.

A lady from North Korea’s female military on TV told that she was given very little food. When she complained, a 45-year-old Major General asked her to take off her clothes.

Major said to the 18-year-old woman that he wants to do her checkup so that if she is sick, he can send her to the hospital. After the Major asked the lady to take off her underwear then Major raped her.

Listening to the girl’s scream, the Major shut her mouth with a cloth. Then hit it on one ear so hard that the second ear started bleeding. According to the report of the business insider.in, her teeth also broke, later on, the Major said that she should wear all the clothes and not tell anyone.

Let us tell you that in North Korea, all men have to serve in the navy from 11 years and women in 6 years of their age. One woman said that in North Korea the women are told that they are not so important and stronger than the men.

Another former lady soldier said that many times senior military officers used to demand sex in return for giving ration and uniform. High-rank officers used to sleep with these female soldiers and it is common there. This show was broadcasted on South Korea’s Digitalsoju TV.

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