Farooque Shaikh helped this Victim’s widow wife & Child who lost his life in 26/11 terror attack.


Actor Farooque Sheikh, who stepped into the acting world with ‘GARM HAVA’ in 1973, won the heart of the audience by performing brilliantly in many films such as ‘Shatranj Ke Khilari’, ‘ Chashme Baddoor’ etc. Along with the big screen he played a successful innings on the small screen. Farooque Shaikh was not only a strong actor, but a soft hearted and lively person. He is known for his noble and admirable deeds.

26/11 is a heart-rending event that happened in Mumbai , which still keeps people shivering inside. After this dangerous attack on Mumbai, Farooque Shaikh’s took notice on a family mentioned on the Indian Express. This story was of a woman named Shruti Kamble who had lost her husband Rajan in this terror attack. Rajan, who worked at the Taj Hotel, was a victim of terrorists while protecting the guests who stayed there. After the death of her husband, Shruti had to bear the responsibility of both sons Rohan and Atharva alone.

Rajan had a dream for both of his sons. He wanted to teach Rohan in a military school, while he wanted his another son to become a pilot and fly in the sky. After this, Farooque Shaikh called upon the Indian Express to give funds for the education of children, but on condition that his name will be kept secret.

While Atharva is one of the best students in his Class II now, Rohan, who is in Class IX, plans to work at the Taj. “While the Taj management has taken care of us, if not for Shaikh sa’ab, my children couldn’t have dreamed of making it so far. Today I can finally tell my sons that this was the stranger who looked after us when everyone we called our own gave up,” Shruti says.

He would continue sending checks for academic fees every year without any inquiries. Though Farooque Shaikh is not among us today, his artwork and generosity will always be remembered.

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