Best Eye Make Up Ideas while wearing Face Masks, Because Beauty with Safety is Must.

Best Eye Make Up Ideas while wearing Face Masks

Whether it is a flutter of kohl ringed stare or voluptuous eyelashes, we have always counted on our eyes to do the talking and it communicated something about us to the world. And since face masks have become a compulsion due to the ongoing pandemic, our eyes are the sole feature on our face.

Eye Make Up Ideas

“Your eyes also reveal your state of mind more than any other feature on your face, so perhaps this is why, in this particular crisis, the main makeup focus is on the windows of the soul. There’s no better way to represent an enthusiastic outlook than with perky lashes and a chic flick.” Says Kay Montano, Chanel beauty ambassador and makeup artist.

There won’t be a better time to experiment with bright colors or sporting a new mascara. So, we are here to help you with a few easy ways to have those killer eyes while wearing a face mask.


Eye Make Up Ideas

Take the tone a notch up by using a non-creasing, lightweight concealer that helps the eyes look brighter. Just a minimal amount to brighten the inner and under eyes. Deploy a half moon shape for the inner corners and pat it till it has melted into the skin seamlessly. 


Eye Make Up Ideas

Feline Flicks are in trend and the most go to option for women who don’t have much time. For which you will need a good eyeliner pen. Use an eyeliner which has silky application and a fine tip to end and begin the flick neatly.  “Look down into a mirror so that you can clearly see the base of your lashes, then place your eyeliner pen midway along the eye at the root. Follow the line to the last outer lash,” “Then, because there is less product on the pen, begin to carefully apply a finer line onto the inner corners of the lash roots. For the flick itself, face your mirror directly ahead, as if you were looking straight into someone’s eyes, and while keeping this gaze, continue the line outward, ensuring it goes outward and doesn’t curl up.” Advices Montana.

Curl and Lengthen

Curl and Lengthen

If you have big eye lashes, try mascara and a curler combo because this extra step will make it work for you.  Montana says that the curl should start as close to the root as possible as that is where the curl starts not halfway up the lash.  Use an instant extensions mascara which will create length and definition. 


Eye Make

There is a lot of options available with some excellent eyeshadow palettes. You have different hues for different looks and there hasn’t been a better time to experiment with color. Remember to tend to your brows which will help frame the eyes better.