Exclusive : Lara Dutta Speaks Up About Choosing Digital Space And Starring In Disney Hotstar Web Series ‘Hundred’

Lara Dutta Speaks Up About Hotstar Web Series 'Hundred'

Amid this lockdown, most of us are spending the time by indulging in various web series. It is undoubtedly, one of the best ways to pass time during this period. In order to provide you with more information about one of the leading series of Hotstar Disney ‘Hundred’ that features Lara Dutta, Bollywood Life sat for a zoom call with the diva herself.

Hotstar Web Series 'Hundred', Lara Dutta

The Andaaz actress was all in for a candid conversation.

When asked about why is looking toward the digital space for better opportunities. The actress replied, “I think you do at the relevant time you’re in the industry, the kind of material and the content that’s being generated, and pick and choose among the films that you’re offered, and you try to do as many different things as you can possibly do.

Lara Dutta Speaks Up About Hotstar Web Series ‘Hundred’

Hotstar Web Series 'Hundred', Lara Dutta
Hotstar Web Series ‘Hundred’, Lara Dutta

For a lot of times though in Bollywood, I’ve seen that if a role works, the next ten films you’re offered are all similar because everybody’s hoping that if she worked for this picture, then maybe she’ll work for my picture, too. So, after a point of time, you stop getting the kind of variety that actually you want to be able to do and…you know…just to flex different acting muscles.

Hotstar Web Series ‘Hundred’

So, in that sense, I feel, yes, there wasn’t enough in terms of the variety due to the genres and roles that were coming my way, and I think with the digital space that’s changed so much because now there’s so much more content that’s being made that it’s not just about fitting into a formula or trend like, let’s only make biopics or action films because they are working, which happens a lot in the Indian film industry. If a sports biopic works, everybody’s making it. If a historical movie works, everybody’s making it. So that has changed and it’s quite exciting to be an actor at this present time.”

Hotstar Web Series 'Hundred', Lara Dutta
Hotstar Web Series ‘Hundred’, Lara Dutta

However the gorgeous actress also added that she loves to watch masala bollywood films. She added that masala films are very, very much a part of our Indian diaspora.

Well, we all love her. Now that she is exploring other platforms, we know her talent will shine on digital platforms too.

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