Everything You Should Know About The Desi Version Of Tik-Tok – ‘Mitron’


In the light of boycotting Chinese services, an android application called “Mitron” has gained a great amount of popularity. Infact, the Tik-Tok’s rival application, has garnered more than 5 million downloads to date.

On the team members, that were a part of the app’s development said that, “Our idea was to make and launch an Indian application akin to foreign ones so that we do not have to rely on other country’s product. We are thankful to the people for such an overwhelming response.”

He added, “The word actually conveys the idea of socializing and making friends. Also, our honorable Prime Minister uses it so it helps to connect with the people immediately.”

Neeraj Sahni, who lives in Dehradun, and has downloaded the “Mitron” application said, “The application is good and it is almost the same as ‘Tiktok’.

I am glad that entertainers now have an Indian product. There are some minor glitches but we hope the team will resolve those issues.”

It was previously believed that the “Mitron” application was developed by a group of five IIT students. However, a shocking turn of events revealed that the application was developed in Pakistan. The publisher of the app, ShopKiller, admitted it is developed by Pakistan-based app development company Qboxus. It was strategically claimed to be an India based app in order to garner downloads.

As per a report by News18, the development company Qboxus sold the source code of the Mitron application for just $24 (INR 2500) on CodeCanyon.

Irfan Sheikh, one of the team members of Qboxus said that one of the buyers of TikTok simply got rebranded it for the “Mitron” application.

“It’s a direct copy of TikTok app. You can ask your technical team to download both (Tiktok and Mitron) apps and test it,” told Sheikh.

Information security researcher, Karan Saini, confirmed it and said, “It is fairly straightforward. De-compiling Mitron clearly reveals leftover strings from the developer’s attempt at cleaning references to the original ‘TicTic’ application. Apart from that, the API for both applications is completely identical (albeit hosted on different servers). It can be said with full certainty that Mitron was created by making minor (mostly superficial) alterations to the source code QBoxus has for sale.”

The publisher of the application who uploaded it on Google Play Store, seems to be Indian. The identity of the buyer and publisher is not yet revealed.