Everything You Need To Know About The COVIDSafe App


The Federal Government’s COVIDSafe app has been getting the attention it requires. It has been downloaded close to two million times since it’s release on Sunday night. Here’s your guide on how to get it on your smartphone and what issues might you run into?

The COVID19 tracking app is designed to speed up the process of contact-tracking. It is a great tool to that allows health authorities to quickly notify people if they have been in contact with a confirmed case.

It uses Bluetooth technology, such that the app “pings” and records information with another user if they come in within 1.5 metres or spend 15 minutes or more with each other.

How do I download the app?

Step 1: Switch on your WiFi or mobile data. To ensure your phone is using phone data, look in the top right corner and look for 3G, 4G or 5G symbol.

Step 2: (For iPhone users) Go on app store and search for COVIDSafe app.

         (For Android Users) Go on to the PlayStore. It has multi-colored triangular icon. Search for  COVIDSafe app.

COVIDSafe app has a green icon and should show an outline of Australia and a white tick in the centre with the words ‘COVIDSAFE’ around it.

Step 3: Click on ‘install’ or ‘get’ option.

Step 4: Open the app and follow the prompts.

Is my smartphone too old for COVIDSafe?

The COVIDSafe application will run on any device provided that your phone is compatible with the correct software.

For iphone users, you will need iOS (operating system) 10.0 or later.

For android users, you will need software 6.0 or above to download the app.

If your device does not have the above mentioned software versions, it’s time to run a software update.

I’m having issues with Bluetooth!

Most Android users can easily use their devices while the COVIDSafe application runs in the background. iPhone users are advised to refrain from using “low battery mode” on their devices.

Government Service Minister Stuart Robert said if an iPhone is in low-power mode it reduces background app refresh, which may impact the app’s ability to track contacts.