Every men must know these things. Women expect these 5 things from men.


Whenever man wants to impress a woman then they try their best to make them happy. They do different things to make them feel special. But sometimes their efforts go in vain because, they don’t find them impressing.

What women want after all from men, this problem is of men all over the world. Men often do not understand this. Despite what they do to keep the women happy, they can not please them and become a victim of their anger. Men do not understand what they like. It is very difficult to understand women than men. They have many mysterious secrets hidden within themselves.

That is why women are looking for such partners who understand their point. Well women tend to like fashionable and stylish men. But it is difficult to tell when and how they like it. Let’s know what women want from men.

Women expect these 5 things from men:

1. Understanding:

Every woman wants a sensible partner. Women love men who are understanding. They also like the innocence of men and their power of thinking. They gets attracted towards an intelligent men. Not only that, women are liked by men who respect their and their family and do not keep the sense of discrimination in mind. However, some women also like men who have a sense of well-being and childhood.

2. Who gives time:

When someone gives you their precious time, this make you feel special. But some men get so much busy in their work that they do not give time to their partner. Generally, women like men who give time to them, talk with them and take out time from their busy schedules. Women also like dating too much. In such a way, they like dating people who are fond of travelling and going out.

3. Men who give surprises:

Women work hard to please their partner. But men do not try to please women. Every woman wants her partner to do something special for her. Every woman has some expectations from her partner. Women want their partners to surprise them from time to time or give a gift. But men do not pay much attention to this and women can not say anything to them.

4. Support her in her decisions:

Some men thinks that women do not have the power to make decisions. But their thinking is absolutely wrong. Women decide better than men. Women wish for a partner who understands their point of view and respect their decisions after considering the matter. Women do not like men who impose their decisions on them.

5. Matured Partner:

It is believed that women are more matured than men. A woman needs a partner who is mature and calm. Someone who can behave in accordance with the status quo, and handle anything when it gets worse.

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