Every couple will get Rs.70 lakh for spending their honeymoon in this hotel.


Yes! you heard it right. Every couple will get Rs.70 lakh for spending their honeymoon in this hotel.

For every married couple, the honeymoon period is very special. The couple wants to make their honeymoon the best one. So they look for the best romantic destination where they can spend some quality time with their loved ones. But many couples have a certain budget fixed for their honeymoon. Many of them like to spend their honeymoon in abroad. But that involves a good financial expenditure.

But how would you feel if you get to know that the place you are going to spend your honeymoon is sponsoring all your stay and they are also gifting you 70 lakhs to spend your honeymoon days in their hotel?

Sounds interesting, Right? If you are also a newly wedded couple, then this news is especially for you.

The hotel in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, offers an exclusive offer to Jeddah Love couple. There will be a gift of 70 lakhs for couples who visit there to celebrate their Honeymoon or spend quality time.

Not only this, the cost of living in this hotel will also be waived. But there is a condition for this.

According to the hotel’s offer, couples will get prizes only when a woman will get pregnant on a fixed date. As a proof, the couple will also need to provide medical proof.

These offers come in every four years. The hotel offers these offers on Leap Year. Couples arrive on the 29th of February and stay in the hotel. This is a hotel marketing. Last time the hotel had informed that because of the offer, more than 50 percent of the rooms were booked on February 29.

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