Do you know these incredible benefits of eating fish?


Do you know these incredible benefits of eating fish?

You all may know the benefits of eating fish. But a recent research has revealed that the beneficial elements of fish protect you from many major diseases.

The American Heart Association has issued an advisory after its research, claiming that eating fish reduces the chances of heart attack. Actually, there are plenty of omega 3 fatty acids in the fish that keeps your heart healthy.

Omega 3 is extremely important for our heart. In the US, Professor Eric B Rim of Howard T.H Chan School of Public Health told that, in many scientific studies, omega 3 fatty acids have revealed the advantages of eating seafood.

According to the American Heart Association, people should eat three or three ounces of fish without fried or three-quarters of a quarter cup of roasted fish twice a week. This reduces the chances of heart attack. Researchers have said that those fish should be eaten in which omega 3 fatty acids are found more.

In the advice of the ‘Circulation General’ panel of diet experts, the study has come out about fish. There is a re-study of Pare (Mercury) found in the fish. Researchers have said that in most of the food, mercury is found, but in a large fish, it is present in a high quantity which is very beneficial for your health.

He concluded that although the contaminated mercury can be related to severe neurological problems in newborn babies. However, it is not adversely affecting heart diseases in adults.

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