Do you know the strange love story of Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber?


Do you know the strange love story of Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber?

The biggest mistake that we humans do is believing in everything without knowing the real fact behind that. Every day we come across many news related to the Bollywood stars and we easily believe in them. But it’s not our mistake, it’s the human nature. The life story of Sunny Leone is similar to this.

Everyone knows the truth of Sunny Leone’s life, and how she transformed from a porn star to a Bollywood star. This is the reason that people think Sunny is similar to the character she plays on the screen.

But you must have heard that saying ‘Jo dikhta hai wesa Hota Nahi’ The story of Sunny Leone is something similar. One day when Sunny Leone, who reached the restaurant with her friends, met Daniel Webber, then Sunny’s life changed completely.

Want to know the complete story?

They both are married for 9 yrs.

Sunny Leone and Daniel Webber has completed 9yrs of their marriage. But the love between them is still the same. Whether its Shooting or it’s a movie Promotion, Daniel is everywhere with her wife Sunny.

They Met In A Restaurant:

Sunny Leone and Daniel’s first meeting took place in a restaurant, where Daniel had has fallen in love with Sunny at first sight.

Love Started In Las Vegas:

Actually, Sunny Leone had reached a restaurant in Las Vegas to accompany her friends on a vacation. Daniel also came to the same restaurant for a music concert. During the concert, Daniel’s saw Sunny, and he fell in love with Sunny.

A Beautiful Flower Bouquet:

After the end of the concert, Daniel just asked the name of Sunny and went. But whenever Sunny used to go to that restaurant, she used to get a bouquet of flowers. Sunny’s name was written on it.

Sunny Reached Late On Her First Date:

Daniel had fallen in love with Sunny but Sunny was not interested in him so when Daniel asked her for the first date, Sunny came late to the place so that Daniel would reject her.

But God has written something else for them.

They started dating each other and soon came into a beautiful relationship.

After 3 years they both got married.

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