Do you know that your phone is damaging your skin?


Do you know that your phone is damaging your skin?

Today we can say that our cell phone is our best friend. Phone play a very crucial role in our lives. It is the only thing that we want 24hrs. People are so much obsessed with their phones that they don’t get time for their near and dear one. They don’t have time even for their family.

Yes! Its true, phone is a medium through which we get connected to our friends, we get to know about the happenings, etc. Whenever we feel like sleeping after getting from work or studies then we use our mobile phones.

As soon as we get any notifications on the phone we wake up just to see who has texted. You have a phone in your hand for a minute before sleeping on the night and you are lying on the bed till the night, chatting with someone or somebody on the phone. The effect of staying in touch with the phone constantly affects your skin. Today we are telling you how the smartphone spoils your skin.

1. Affects Sleep:

You want to use the phone no matter how much sleepy or tired you are. Actually, the phone interferes with your sleeping process, due to which it takes time to sleep, even after keeping the phone. Less sleep leads the skin to lose the Moisture and the skin becomes dehydrated and it seems old before time.

2.  Stress increases with addiction:

Today, everyone has got an addiction to the phone. Fear of living without a mobile and frequent notification check is called nomophobia. Fear of failure of the battery or the fear of not getting an internet connection increases the stress. All these types of stress also affect your skin and start having breakouts in the skin. Apart from this, heat generated from the phone causes dark circles and even hyperpigmentation.

3. Neck Pain:

To check the phone repeatedly, we have to bow down and see. Because of this, we have to move our neck continuously which leads to the pain in the neck. Neck skin is fragile and it can lose its flexibility. To avoid this and to resuscitate the skin cells, start sitting in the right posture.

4. Problem Of Acne:

There are a lot of bacteria on the mobile phone. Every day you do not know where you go and so many dirt gets accumulated on mobile. When talking on the phone, these bacteria sticks to the skin and that is why the problem of acne affects our skin.

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