Do you know in this country cockroaches are used to clean the environment.


Do you know in this country cockroaches are used to clean the environment.

Most of the people are afraid of cockroaches. As soon as they hear their name, they start jumping and running here and there. People hate cockroaches as in India it is considered to be a cause of serious diseases. Cockroaches spread germs which affect our immune system.

But you would be surprised to know that cockroach, which is considered to be the cause of dirt and diseases in India, is being used for cleaning and treatment in China.

Yes! you heard it right. The Chinese farmer, use cockroach to clean the environment. On the other hand, doctors are looking for a cure for critical illnesses in cockroaches. Due to this, cockroaches are becoming a major source of earning in China. Cockroaches, considered to be the enemies of the environment in India, have become friends of the environment in China.

Farmers are using:

According to the report, Chinese farmers are using cockroaches for making the compost out of the waste. Not only this, they are also used to treat stomach-related diseases.

This is how they are used:

According to the South China Morning Post, there are approximately 3 billion cockroaches daily consuming 15 tonnes of Kitchen waste and thus they are used to clean the environment.

Treating Illness:

According to Liu Yuheng, chairman of the Shandong Pest Industry Association, ‘cockroach skin can cure burn and ulcer. They can also cure stomach cancer. ‘

This is how they are kept:

Here the cockroaches are kept in the thin rows of shelves. Their food and water arrangements are present in the cupboard. Inside is dark and the atmosphere is kept warm and sealed. They are kept away from sunlight.

Medicine is made:

When cockroaches are grown, they are crushed and traditional Chinese medicine is made. This medicine looks like syrup.

Affects quickly:

According to Professor Liu Yuezheng of Shandong Agriculture University, ‘It is indeed a miraculous medicine. Many diseases can be cured by this. It works much faster than other medicines. ‘

Source: Wittyfeed

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