Do you know about Sea Cucumbers? The price of this cucumber is 70 thousand rupees in the market, it is found in the depths of the sea.


Whenever we think of salad, the first thing that comes in mind is Cucumber. Cucumber is said to be very beneficial for health because it is rich in nutrients that keeps our skin healthy and clear.

But today we are going to tell you about a cucumber that is sold for Rs.70,000 in the market and it has a different craze. We bet! you will be shocked to know about this cucumber.

Where in the market one kilogram of cucumber is easily sold for Rs.20- 30Rs. At the same time, the price of this cucumber in the international market is $ 1,000, which is 70 thousand rupees. Not only in our country, but the consumption of this cucumber in neighboring China is very high.

This unique cucumber is known as sea cucumber. Let’s know what exactly is this cucumber and why it costs 70 thousand rupees.

Do you know about Sea Cucumbers? The price of this cucumber is 70 thousand rupees in the market.

The appearance of this sea cucumber is very similar to a noraml cucumber. The most surprising thing is that this cucumber is not a fruit or vegetable, but a sea creature. To sell this cucumber in the market, its weight should be around 400 gms. At the same time, according to weight, 450 grams of sea cucumber is considered as the best cucumber.

This cucumber is eaten by the people of China very much. The cost of this dry cucumber is one thousand dollars, that is (70 thousand rupees). Most sea cucumbers are 10 to 30 cm (3.9 – 11.8 in) long. At the same time, the small size of this cucumber is 3 mm.

This cucumber is placed in water once again before eating. As soon as you put this cucumber in the water, it will become very soft. After this you can eat this cucumber in the way you like.

Sea cucumbers are removed from the sea and pressed into the soil. After this, it is cooked by removing the cucumber from the soil. It is sold in the market only after cooking.

In the international market, Sea Cucumber is very costly. It is a creature which is very important for the ecosystem. It is exactly like sand. Living in water works as a natural filter. Staying in water, they clear things like waste, micro-unit, bacteria.

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