Did You Know Why Do Muslims Eat Dates During Ramadan?


Did You Know Why Do Muslims Eat Dates During Ramadan?

From today the month of Ramadan has started. In this month, the people of the Muslim community keep the fast (roza) for a month. In this, the Muslims eat food in the morning and then after all day in fast they eat finally in the evening which is known as Iftar. But at the time of Iftari, Roza is completed only after eating dates. This is a way of custom and tradition, in fact, there is a lot of scientific reason behind eating dates during this time.

The reason for eating dates in roza is because many people eat a lot of food while breaking the fast, which can cause many problems. Due to hunger for a long time, excessive eating of food can harm the body. While breaking the roza, you should eat some food which will give energy to the body and the date is miracle for that. Dates contain considerable amount of fiber, which is very important for the body. By eating dates, the digestive system remains strong.

Cholesterol levels are also reduced with the consumption of dates, there is no danger of heart disease. Iron is found in the date, which prevents bleeding related diseases. Apart from this, dates are rich in potassium, the same amount of sodium is low, it is beneficial for nervous system.

Muslims Eat Dates During Ramadan

One reason is also that:

People believe that Islam started from Arabia and dates were easily available fruit there. In this way, the consumption of dates started. With this, it is also very useful for the body. Thus the tradition of eating dates in Roza began. But it has countless health benefits.

The elements present in the date are:

Carbohydrate 74.97 gm

Protein 1.81 grams

Fat 0.15 grams

Cholesterol 0 grams

Fiber 6.7 grams

The benefits of eating dates in Iftar:

Dates Gives Energy:

Being in fast for whole day, our body loses energy. In such a way, the body gets instant energy by eating dates as soon as you break the fast. Dates provide glucose, sucrose and fructose, which helps in digestion of other foods also.

Eating Dates Enhances digestion power:

The body gets fiber from dates, it enhances digestive power. Any problem related to stomach, the use of date of improves the digestive system. It also improves appetite by correcting digestive power.

Beneficial For Nervous System:

Potassium is found in a considerable quantity in it. There is less sodium content in it. This is beneficial for nervous system.

Cures Blood Shortage:

Dates also contains good amounts of iron. After keeping the fast whole day, more fatigue or weakness is felt, iron in the dates can help in overcoming fatigue and cures the blood shortage also.

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