Best Cosmetic Brands In India That Are Cruelty-Free and Skin Friendly.

Cosmetic Brands In India, Best Cosmetic Brands In India, top Cosmetic Brands In India

Due to a vast variety and brands of makeup available, shopping for makeup can be staggering. Earlier it wasn’t the case as there weren’t many brands available for the Indian Market, but now things have changed, and new brands are arriving every other day. Today we will find out the best 5 makeup brands available that are reasonable and are in trend right now.

Cosmetic Brands In India, Best Cosmetic Brands In India, top Cosmetic Brands In India

Choosing the right brand of makeup is very important as the products you use can have different effects on your skin as your facial skin is delicate and if you are an animal activist, stay away from most of the brands as the makeup is tested on animals.

Top Cosmetic Brands In India 

Here are the best 5 brands of Cosmetic available in India that will give you that desired look:

L’oreal India:

Cosmetic Brands In India, L'oreal Cosmetic India


This is a French cosmetic company that was founded in 1909, it is one of the most esteemed cosmetic company in the world. This is one brand that is amongst the most ethical companies in the world. Endorsed by Deepika Padukone, L’oreal makes skincare, hair care products and even perfumes.

MAC Cosmetics:

MAC Cosmetics, Best Cosmetic Brands In India

This makeup brand is from Toronto and initially they only made products for makeup artists but eventually entered the cosmetic market with a bang and today it is one of the biggest makeup brands to exist. It is known for its cruelty-free product testing and even is into recycling initiatives.

Lakme India:

top Cosmetic Brands In India, Lakme Cosmetic india

One of the oldest makeup product brands in India, it was an initiative by our then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for the women in India as products then were too expensive. In collaboration with JRD Tata, who manufactured the products locally. Later it was sold to HUL and rest is history.


Cosmetic Brands In India

Started way back in 1915 by a 19-year-old named Thomas Lyle Williams, it is known to make products for eye makeup and lip colors. It is a subsidiary of L’oreal and is also one of the most popular makeup brands in the world.

Colorbar Cosmetics Products:

Cosmetic Brands In India

It is one of the leading brands in India for makeup brands. It was launched in 2005 and has a vast collection of products for skin, nails, eyes and lips.