Coronavirus Outbreak: Increase In The Number Of Extramarital Affairs Due To Coronavirus Lockdown


The novel coronavirus pandemic has stopped the fast pace of the world. Many countries including India are under lockdown. More than ever, people are maintaining social distance. Most of the working professionals are now working from home. Everyone is awaiting the declaration that COVI19 has finally been eradicated from the face of earth.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a three-week lockdown in the entire country till 14th March. People’s dependency on internet in these times of self-isolation has increased multiple folds. Interestingly, some people are using it to spice up their love lives.

Using this situation to their advantage, some people are making their way to online dating platforms and extramarital dating apps for a romantic getaway from their usual lives.

Gleeten, an extramarital dating app, released an statement that says that they have observed their subscriptions increased by over 70 per cent recently. Quoting the reason behind the uprise of subscription, Gleeten explained in the statement that more and more people are staying indoors and are using the Internet for communication and all.

We can’t deny that it’s not uncommon to people to get bored during these times of quarantine. But it’s better to utilise this time to get closer to your partner and add some more beautiful memories to your collection of memories. Here are some ideas of how you can do something meaningful with your partner.

• Play Indoor Games Together
Use this time to unleash the sportsman in you. Grab this opportunity of self quarantine and enjoy the competitive side of your partner. From Ludo to carrom to UNO to Truth-Dare, there are so many games to play. It will build the way towards a healthy relationship with your spouse.

• Hone Your Communication Skills
Better communication, better the health of your relationship. Use this time to build communication skills. It’s the right time to have meaningful discussions with your partner. You can also sort out issues of the past that you been brushing under the carpet as you didn’t had enough time. Now you have the time so just get started.

• Enjoy Movie Time Together
Just grab some popcorn and bond over some romantic movie. Or you can binge watch some thriller series on Netflix.