CCTV footage of Suicide Bomber who attacked the St.Sebastian church in Sri Lanka got viraled.


Watch here: Suicide Bomber entering St.Sebastian Church in Sri Lanka.

A CCTV footage came from Sri Lanka on Tuesday, in which suspected suicide bomber is seen walking in St. Sebastian Church of Negombo on Sunday. In CCTV footage a man is seen having a heavy backpack, who is entering the church. Around 100 people are seen sitting in the Church.

On Easter Sunday, more than 300 people died and more than 500 wounded in 8 separate blasts in Sri Lanka.

These terrorist attacks took place in some churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. On Monday, Sri Lanka Police also received several bomb and bomb detonators.

According to a report by The Guardian, the terrorist organization ISIS has taken responsibility for these attacks through the Apne News Agency Amaq.

Pic courtesy- New Indian Express

So far 321 people have died in this attack. On Tuesday, the terrorist organization ISIS took responsibility for the serial attack. So far 24 people have been arrested. The dead included 10 Indians.

Watch the video here:

According to the TIME report, Sri Lankan Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene said that these attacks could be a revenge of New Zealand’s Christchurch attacks last month. In New Zealand the terrorists killed more than 50 people by entering the mosque.

The person who appears in the video is suspected to be a suicide bomber.

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