Cheap Honeymoon Destinations Outside India


Everyone dream of their Wedding and Honeymoon. That is the only time when a couple gets a private time to enjoy and live the memories that they have dreamt of. People mostly prefer visiting foreign countries for their honeymoon. But there are other middle-class families who can’t afford the cost and expenses of visiting the foreign countries.

These 6 destinations, will surely fulfill your wishes to visit foreign countries on your Honeymoon:

Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget

1. Bali:

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This is one of the favorite spots for newly married couples. Beautiful beach, great exotic views, great hotel, Bali’s local food. There will be a flight ticket between Rs. 17 thousand and 35 thousand rupees. Visa on Arrival and that too free. That means your honeymoon will cost around Rs 1.5 lakhs.

2. Krabi:

Krabi Honeymoon Destination, budget Krabi honeymoon packages, honeymoon packages in Krabi

Thailand is famous for Bangkok and Pattaya, but there are also more naturally beautiful places which have not been explored more. Many water sports, with fewer crowds, you can also enjoy the Krabi meals. The cost of the flight will be around 20 to 28 thousand rupees each.

3. Mauritius:

Mauritius Honeymoon Destination, budget Mauritius honeymoon packages, honeymoon packages in Mauritius

Mauritius is also one of the favorite spots for the newly married couple. Here you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, exotic landscape, and different water sports. You will also love the food here.

4. Vietnam:

Vietnam Honeymoon Destination, budget Vietnam honeymoon packages, honeymoon packages in Vietnam

The most expensive ticket to Vietnam comes from all flights flying from India to this direction. Every ticket is around 30 to 35 thousand, but the cost of living and walking there is less than the rest. Traveling from railways in Vietnam is full of fun.

5. Phillippines:

This is one of the few famous tourist spots in the world. This place is famous for its beaches and Island life. The location of the Philippines also comes in the list of backpackers. Only the cost of this will be a bit more than the rest.

6. Malaysia:

Malaysia is also the best place to spend your honeymoon with your loved one. Along with Malaysia, you can also visit Kuala Lumpur. If proper planning is done then you can also enjoy your honeymoon in this place at a cheaper rate.

best honeymoon destinations outside india

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