Brilliant ways to get crystal clear glowing skin without even spending a single penny!


Who does not want beautiful, healthy glowing skin? Girls tries different methods to get that glossy clear skin. But because of today’s lifestyle, we are not able to take care of our health and skin. Whether its a girl or a boy, eberyone needs a good and clear skin. If we have a bright and clear skin, it boosts up our confidence.

We girls, spends thousands of rupees to get that clear and smooth skin but the result that we get is not satisfactory. But today we are going to give you some useful tips that can help you to achieve that bright, glowing skin without even spending a single ruppee.

Brilliant ways to get crystal clear glowing skin in just few days!

1. Always wash your hands:

Despite using expensive beauty products, do you still see acne on the face? It can be due to your hands that consists of millions of bacteria’s. Whether you touch the knob of the door of the room or travel in the metro, there is a big role of your hand on getting acne on the face. If you want these dangerous bacteria of your hands to not harm your face, then try washing your hands in continuous intervals. Also, avoid touching your face again and again.

2. Change your Pillow Covers:

From time to time, change your bed sheet and especially the pillow cover, this will really make a big difference. There are many more bacteria that come in your hair and body, through oils and lotions. If you want to stop spreading these germs on the face, then change the cover of your pillow every week.

3. Don’t sleep on your face:

The way you sleep can also have a effect on your body. Try to sleep on your back. This will save your face from pillow cover and bed sheet. Lying on the sides of the face also causes problems of wrinkles.

4. Do the acne treatment yourself at home:

Make a paste by using sea salt and water. Use it to remove stubborn Acne on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash. It contains antibacterial properties.

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