Bride-To-Be: Tips To Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day.


Bride-To-Be: What To Eat To Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day.

Wedding season is going on and after watching Sonam Kapoor and Neha Dhupia’s marriage we just can’t keep calm, how gorgeous they looked on their wedding day. Every bride wants to look beautiful and stunning on their big day.


All bride want to look thin and fresh on their wedding day. They go to the gym, visits parlors and put a lot of efforts to look gorgeous. Girls start paying attention to their faces, figure, and fitness just a few months before their marriage, so that they look amazing on their wedding day. Oversize girls join the gym so that they can get the right figure body till the wedding.

If you also want to lose weight before marriage and want to look perfect in the bridal look, then today we will tell you some routine plans, which will start 3 months before marriage. On the wedding day, you will look gorgeous and beautiful.

1. Change Your Diet Plan:

We all like to eat junk foods like burger, pizza etc. But when you are going to be a bride, to look gorgeous on your wedding day you have to avoid all these foods including processed foods, sugar, salt intake and even lower the intake of alcohol.  As this will reduce the weight.

2. Consult a Nutritionist:

As you don’t have much time, then you must consult an expert who can give you the right advice of your diet plan by seeing your body. This will give you a good result.

3.  Make a change in your Daily Routine:

Start drinking more water. In addition, drink lemon and honey twice a day in hot water. Start getting enough sleep even a few months before and try to adopt other fitness methods.

4. Quit Sugar:

Try to quit sugar, as it contains many calories which leads to the weight gain. Therefore avoid eating sugar and artificial sweeteners.

5. Eat Veggies and Fruits:

To get glowing bright skin, the bride should start consuming green vegetables and fruits.  Protein, Vitamin B, Copper, Iron, and Water are substances that are very important for a healthy skin.  Take nutritious food to keep the skin soft and shiny and include foods rich in essential fatty acids such as almonds, seeds, olive oil etc. in your diet. Consult your nutritionist for a more nutritious diet.

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