Some Of the Best Bridal Face Masks Seen This Pandemic. Not Just For Safety But also Looks Glamourous.

Bridal Face Masks Seen This Pandemic

Due to ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, life has not been the same. We are all coming up with new ways to live and prosper, but one such life altering decision of getting married and having a wedding has majorly been affected. Many couples had to postpone their weddings as large gatherings were prohibited and with a life-threatening virus on the move, all we can do is be careful. But now with things opening up, weddings are back, and we have evolved to be happy and look glamourous even during the pandemic.

There are new rules though, we can only have a gathering of maximum 50 guests and not more and every guest should adorn a face mask. Which has only got our couples thinking and we have some inspiring stories, and they are winning hearts all over. The talk of the town though are the face masks and face shields that they have come up with to go with their wedding attires.

Masks and Shields have now become wedding accessories and there is much thought put in getting the right one for you. Couples getting married are embracing this change and they are doing everything they can to have their dream wedding as well as follow the pandemic rules in style.

Let’s take a look at few of the shields and masks which are trending:

A Bride in Assam found a fascinating way and made sure that her face mask matched her bridal wear. Pictures and videos of the wedding ceremony have gone viral since. Married on May 22 in Guwahati, Assam, this video has been the rounds on social media, where the couple are seen matching their precautionary face mask made of silk handloom. The mask was made of Assam’s Paat Silk and designed by Nandini Borkakati.


A Delhi based make-up artist Bijal Gada also took up to her Instagram where she can be seen wearing a PPE kit and the bride is seen wearing a face shield. Safety precaution is first and these artists and to be married couples are making sure that the message goes out loud and clear that the use of face protection is must.

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A picture of Bhavdeep Kaur who is seen donning a matching hand-crafted face mask. Her pictures from her wedding can be seen all over social media. They didn’t just look pretty but also gave out a message that use of face masks and sanitizers is very important. 

Another such bride and groom tied their knots in the vicinity of their own home and prove that not just big fat Indian wedding is the way to get married, but one can have an intimate wedding ceremony wherever they are and in whatever way possible.