Most common and the best thing you can use to boost your immunity

boost your immunity

The Covid pandemic has made one thing clear that it is very important to have a strong immune system because immunity protects our body from diseases—the most common and the best thing you can use to boost your immunity as Giloy.



It is also known as Amrita or Guduchi. Giloy is an ayurvedic herb that is used to boost the immunity of the body. It is also helpful in diabetes and also important for maintaining blood sugar level and metabolism.

Now we will talk about some health benefits of Giloy.

1. Boosts immunity

Boosts immunity

Giloy is an ayurvedic herb that is helpful for our body in many ways. It is helpful in making the immune system strong. It also maintains the blood sugar level and helps detoxicate the body because it contains alkaloids and lactose. Giloy also increases the energy level of the body.

2. Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

In present time depression and mental stress is the issue of concern for everyone. The main reason behind the stress is a poor lifestyle and improper eating habit. So you must consume Giloy because it helps in getting rid of the toxins and improving the mental condition of the brain.



Arthritis means swelling on the joints of the body. It creates a problem in walking and causes lots of pain, and it is generally seen in aged people. Giloy contains a substance that is very useful for the treatment of arthritis. One glass juice of Giloy every day can improve the condition, and it also makes you feel comfortable very quickly.



Diabetes means an increase in sugar levels in the blood. Giloy is very useful in maintaining the body’s insulin level because it burns excess glucose and reduces the sugar level of the blood.

5. Respiratory Problems

Respiratory Problems

Giloy has many medicinal properties and is helpful for the respiratory problem like cold, cough because of its anti-inflammatory benefits. Giloy is one of the most suitable and effective ayurvedic herbs, and it very useful for our body without any side effects.

6. Improves Digestion

Improves Digestion

Indigestion is the most common issue which is faced by everyone. The main reason behind it is the improper habit of eating. Indigestion also leads to constipation and many other problems. Giloy is very useful in curing the problem of indigestion. You will also find giloy in almost every ayurvedic medic of digestion.

7.Chronic Fever

Chronic Fever

You can use Giloy for chronic Fever like flu, viral Fever, cold, cough, etc. During these diseases, our immune system gets weak, so it is important to consume giloy because it will help you in improving the condition and at the same time, it will also strengthen your immune system.

Precautions while having Giloy

It is instructed that pregnant or breastfeeding women do not consume giloy. We all know giloy is very beneficial for health, but you must consult a doctor before taking it.