10 Bollywood Stars Who Never Want To Work Together Again

Bollywood Stars Who Never Work Together Again

Working in this Bollywood industry doesn’t prove to be lavishing from behind its door. They are some glitches from each other in reality that makes them not work with each other. Certain disputes or can we say their essence cost of tranquillity leads them not to work together. So here is the list of actors who don’t wanna work with each other anymore!

Shahrukh khan Vs Salman Khan

Shahrukh khan Vs Salman Khan

Due to a fight in 2007 amongst Shahrukh khan and Salman khan they refused to work together several times. The fight was on the birthday of Katrina, the girlfriend of Salman khan. As the year passed, their fight became more fierce. 

 Bipasha Basu Vs. John Ibrahim

Bipasha Basu Vs. John Ibrahim

Due to their fizzy breakup, Bipasha and John are reluctant to star together opposite to each other. Lately, Bipasha married Karan and John got married to his best friend. So, there’s no chance of starring together.

Ranbir Kapoor Vs. Sonam Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor Vs. Sonam Kapoor

As they both started their Bollywood career from their film, “Saanwariyan” and that movie flopped utterly. This made them to the decision to never working together. 

Shahrukh khan Vs. Aamir Khan

Shahrukh khan Vs Aamir Khan

Due to their personal grudges and jealousy of each other, both of them don’t like each other. Even it is rumoured that Aamir khan has named his dog pet’s name as Shah rukh. This entirely shows their dull relations in between. 

Sharukh Khan Vs. Ajay devgan 

Sharukh Khan Vs Ajay devgan

When we are talking about both of them, Kajol comes into mind automatically. Yes! Ajay Devgan is the husband of Kajol. They both don’t like each other. Ans once Shahrukh had a massive crush on Kajol. 

Aishwarya Rai Vs. Salman Khan

Salman Khan fell in love with Aishwarya Rai entirely during the shoot of Hum Dil de chuke Sanam. They even dated each other for two years. And due to the nasty fight, they altogether avoid each other. 

Akshay Kumar Vs. Rani Mukherji

Akshay Kumar Vs Rani Mukherji, Bollywood Stars Who Never Work Together Again

Akshay continuously and mock entirely rejected working with Rani on several media platforms. This made Rani feel embarrassed and never wanted to work with him. 

Salman khan Vs. Deepika Padukon

Salman khan Vs Deepika Padukon

Salman offered Deepika Padukone to work in Sultan movie. This made Salman khan angry and decided to never provide any film of him to her again in future. 

Ranbir Kapoor Vs. Kangana Ranaut

Ranbir Kapoor Vs. Kangana Ranaut, Bollywood Stars Who Never Work Together Again

Despite being the top and highest paid artists in Bollywood, Kangana and Ranbir are both at the opposite side of the industry. They even don’t like to see each other’s faces. This revenge started when their films, revolver Rani and Rockstar released on the same date. 

Priyanka Chopra Vs. Kareena Kapoor

Priyanka Chopra Vs Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood Stars Who Never Work Together Again

Priyanka Chopra one of the finest actresses in not only Bollywood but established herself nicely in the Hollywood industry too. In contrast, Kareena remained the same in Bollywood. Their nasty revenge started when they together worked in “Aitraaz” where Priyanka got a tremendously positive response from her fans than Kareena. Kareena believed that Priyanka snatched her limelight, and since then their fight never took a rest.