Bollywood stars who faced ghosts in real life!


Various Bollywood stars have worked in spine chilling horror films, which have horrified the audience a lot. We all have seen those movies in night, and were scared to go alone in dark. But, will you believe if you come to know that some of the stars have actually experienced the ghostly incidents in their real life.

I will share the actual scary experiences of these mighty stars of the film industry-

  1. Bipasha Basu

A very famous actress of bollywood Bipasha Basu, often claimed as the queen of the horror movies due to her repeated performances in the scary sagas.  Talks are that even she has experienced some weird and scary incidents in her real life. It’s about the time when she was working in Mukesh Bhatt’s film Gunaah, the setup was inside a mill, and she was trying to remember her dialogues in her room but even after repeated attempts she couldn’t, but when she changed the room she remembered her dialogues quickly. Films staff told that Bipasha was seeing weird things in that room, which was pointed towards that place to be haunted.

2. Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi who is a known face of Bollywood and horror movies too has a huge following of fans all over India and even in other countries. He was left white-faced out of horror when he had gone to Matheran with his friends for spending some leisure time. Their hotel stay got scary when he heard some weird noises coming from nearby. At first, he thought somebody was playing a prank on him, but when he went outside but he got terrified to see no one there. After the incident, the first thing he did the next morning was to change the hotel.

3. Govinda

The king of comedy Govinda, who has made the audiences to roll out of laughter, was once scared out of soul when he was shooting for a film in a hilly area. One night he was sleeping in his hotel room, suddenly he heard some noise and he was awake. Then he felt that an old lady is sitting beside him, he was really sacred and without seeing any where ran out of his room the same moment.

These experiences were so haunting that even now these stars feel it bring shivers down their spine.

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