Bollywood Celebrities Express Rage Over The Leaked Video Of Late Rishi Kapoor


Ever since a video of late Rishi Kapoor leaked on the internet, many celebrities of the B-town has expressed their rage against it. In the video that has been surfacing on the world wide web, intensive care unit staff can be seen sneakily recording as the veteran actor struggles.

In response to such forwarded clips, many actors including Arjun Kapoor, Karan Wahi and Minni Mathur expressed their anger and lashed out at the hospital for staff negligence.

Without naming the particular video, Arjun wrote, “The choice is not to post something is sometimes as important as to be the first to post something. Images have a lot of power lest we forget.”

“Sometimes humanity and empathy must prevail over being first to embrace use of sly voyeuristic material presented to you.”

Actor Karan Wahi admitted that he also saw the video. He said that he found it disturbing and deleted it immediately rather than forwarding it to others.

Karan said, “There’s a forward that a ward boy or someone from the hospital has shot of Rishi Kapoor in his hospital just before he passed. I saw it. And think it’s a gross violation of his privacy. If you receive it, delete it rather than forward it further. Actors are also human beings. Please do not forward or post them just to be the first one. Have some respect.”

Actress-anchor Mini Mathur also admitted that she found the video to be very disturbing and invasive.

She took it Twitter to share about the same. She tweeted : “Just came across a disgusting, completely invasive video of Rishi sir on WhatsApp in hospital actually titled “last video of RK” obviously shot by a hospital staff member.I know humanity is at sea at the moment but can we PLEASE STOP THIS INSENSITIVITY and not be party to this?”

Mini further added, “If you see a video like this on any group can you please insist that it’s taken down??? Can we stop this vicarious celeb goggling even when they are indisposed and unaware? It should be a legal offence @MumbaiPolice and met with the strictest action.”