Big Bang Theory: The Mystery Gift to the Coopers by Hofstadter’s explained.

Big Bang Theory Hofstadters explained

Here is the mystery behind the gift that Amy & Sheldon received from Leonard & Penny for their wedding.

Sheldon & Amy received a wedding gift from the Hofstadter’s, Leonard & Penny, but what the gift really was, was a mystery to them. Here is what drove away from the coopers sleep in The Big Bang Theory.

Big Bang Theory Hofstadters explained

This is what Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) were gifted for their wedding by Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) in The Big Bang Theory. It was time for the Coopers to tie the Knot in Season 11 as it was the final wedding in the famous Sitcom by CBS, before which it was the Wolowitz’s and Hofstadter’s. The coopers had a bumpy relationship which even made them part ways, but they did get married and season 12 started with the cooper’s life post-wedding and honeymoon and them screening through the presents they received for their wedding.

Big Bang Theory Hofstadters explained

In all the presents the gift that stood out was the one by Penny and Leonard their best friend and neighbors. Usually one gets things that are useful in making the couple’s life easier and better together, but the Hofstadter’s chose to gift something obscure to the coopers. It was a fancy-looking glass thing, which got them really excited and was intrigued to know what it really was, but that is where they go insane as they try to find out what the purpose of the gift was.

The Wedding Gift Wormhole

“The Wedding Gift Wormhole” was the name of episode 2, season 12 of The Big Bang Theory about which the whole plot revolved around the gift that was presented to Amy and Sheldon and the dilemma around the nature of the gift.

Big Bang Theory Hofstadters explained

The couple did not know in the beginning what the gift was and they refused to ask Penny and Leonard as they had already expressed that they knew what it was in front of others, they did not want to look like fools who could not figure out the glass object however they thought it was some kind of a clue to a map which would take them to their actual gift. The couple roamed around the neighborhood trying to solve the mystery of the gift while the others knowing what it was kept it a secret and grinned.

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To begin with, it was a wedding gift for Penny and Leonard from the Holowitzes, Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). It was not just the coopers who went insane to know what it was for, just like them even the Hofstadter did not know about it and wanted to have some fun with it and passed it on to them. The plot gets interesting when Raj (Kunal Nayyar) intervenes and inquires if it is the same gift that he had gifted the Hofstadter’s for their wedding. Sheldon and Amy then ask Bert and It is then it turns out that the gift was actually some kind of Crystal Chakra which functions as a Healing Stone and that it was made of quartz which believed by some promotes Wisdom and Spiritual Health.

Big Bang Theory Hofstadters explained

In The Big Bang Theory for a group of friends who are all Scientists, a Crystal Chakra is an odd present to give. But watching Sheldon being smitten by the present and go crazy to find out about it was fun to watch.