The Big Bang Theory Behind the Scenes Secrets and Fun Facts

Big Bang Theory Behind the Scenes Secrets

The Big Bang Theory is one of the longest-running sitcoms in the history of TV, so we speculate many behind the scenes secrets and facts to be explored.

The Big Bang Theory Behind the Scenes Secrets and Fun Facts

It isn’t easy to work behind the scenes for shows like The Big Bang Theory, which is one of the longest running sitcoms, because one mistake could lead to a big fiasco like we got to see in Game of Thrones when a Starbucks cup was visible on the scene.  But it couldn’t be the case with The Big Bang Theory producers and show makers from the first day to the final episode as every detail had to be laid out meticulously.

The Big Bang Theory Behind the Scenes Secrets and Fun Facts

If you are a TBBT superfan, then there are some fun fact and behind the scenes details and secrets you wouldn’t want to miss. 

10. During Sheldon’s First Kiss, Jim Parsons Had Flu.

#10 During Sheldon's First Kiss, Jim Parsons Had Flu.

Considering Sheldon’s intimacy issues, the first kiss between him and Amy was understandably difficult for Sheldon. But behind the camera, it was equally rough for Jim Parsons. Jim Parsons had the flu and was very sick during the first major kiss of the show between Amy and Sheldon.

9. All That Delicious Food You See, They Really Ate All Of It.

All That Delicious Food You See, They Really Ate All Of It.

If you are a TBBT fan, the squad usually got together at Sheldon’s or Leonard’s apartment for takeout dinner. Monday was for Thai food, Pizza nights for Thursday nights and so on. The fans often speculated if they actually ate all that delicious dumplings bowl or the Ramen. Turns out they actually did.

8. Space Shooting

Space Shooting, Big Bang Theory Behind the Scenes Secrets and Fun Facts

In the fifth season, Howard was off to space and fans often wondered how they shot the spaceship scenes as everything looked realistic. The shows production designer John Shaffner revealed that he wanted to find the replica for the Soyuz Space capsule as Howard was supposed to be in one. Eventually they had to work with the original photos from NASA and parts scavenged from aerospace junkyard in LA to build the capsule.

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7. No Lenses In Leonard’s Glasses

No Lenses In Leonard's Glasses

Leonard played by Johnny Galecki revealed that the glasses he wears on the shows were lens less. For the show the character didn’t really had to wear glasses at all, but johnny insisted on the first day of the shoot that he wanted to wear them and to make the glasses more practical he actually popped out the lenses.

6. Sheldon’s T Shirts Are Always Color Coded

Sheldon's T Shirts Are Always Color Coded

The superhero T shirts that Sheldon wear are color coded and indicate his state of mind. You will see him wearing a Flast Tee if he is one a mission, a yellow tee whenever he is nervous and a Star Trek tee if he is having a good day.

5. The Elevator Set Is Same For All Floors

The Elevator Set Is Same For All Floors

Turns out there is only one elevator set in The Big Bang Theory for all three floors and were styled differently to look like other floors. Even the stairs were just one which goes up and the other going down. The actors actually walked up and down multiple times on the same set of stairs.

4. Jack Kirby Historic Reference

During the Stan Lee Special episode in season 3 where Sheldon had to go to a court room for a traffic violation and coincidently the judge who presided over the case was J.Kirby, who was a comic book writer and editor. Kirby had worked with Lee to create a lot of successful characters like The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man.

3. Messy DNA Model

ack Kirby Historic Reference

Sheldon didn’t allow Lenord to mess with the elaborate DNA model placed in their apartment and there was reason behind it. Apparently, the DNA model was destroyed by Lenoard in the finale episode and the both of them had to spend a lot of time reconstructing it.

2. Laundry Detail

Laundry Detail

Every prop in the show is significant in some or the other way and a lot has been mentioned about the detail-oriented set of the show and fans have noticed that the laundry each of them do in the laundry room are actual clothes that were worn by them in the previous episodes. 

1. The Live Audience

The Live Audience, Big Bang Theory Behind the Scenes Secrets and Fun Facts

The entire show was taped in front of a live audience and there was a lot of engagement between the audience and the cast. After every taping the cast would walk up to the audience and greet them. The energy on the sets are often referred as infectious.