Bhavna Tokekar: 47-Year-Old And Mother Of Two Wins 4 Golds In Powerlifting.


How big is the responsibility of being the mother of two teenagers, maybe everyone cannot understand it, but with that responsibility, winning 4 golds in powerlifting and making India proud is just splendid.

Many people think that at the age of 40 they have lived a lot in their life. Halfway to age, they feel that there will be nothing new and excited ahead, but is it really that? If you dream of achieving anything, then nothing can stop you. This woman of Pune has decided to make her name in the whole world. The mother of two teenagers and 47-year-old spirit has been training for powerlifting for the last 6 years.

At 47, Bhavna Bhave Tokekar won four Gold medals at the Open Asian Powerlifting Championships of AWPC/WPC at Chelyabinsk in Russia on Sunday.

“Taking part in competitions was a far cry for me, as I didn’t know if I could participate in events at this age, or if I would be able to match up to the standards,” says this Maharashtrian who grabbed golds during her first-ever competition in Russia on Sunday. About the competition, Tokekar got to know about it via the internet.

Tokekar came to know the head of World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh – Mohammed Azmat – whose video had inspired her during her initial training days. “I clearly remember the day I messaged him, it was February 10 and I casually asked him if I could participate in the powerlifting event as a part of team India. Now, powerlifting is very different from weight lifting and hence, when Azmat sir replied that I could come and give trials, I was overwhelmed,” said Bhavna.

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