Best time to eat different fruits. Do you know this?


Best time to eat different fruits. Do you know this?

Whenever we are hungry or want something healthy to consume, we prefer having fruits. Right? From morning snack to late night eating, fruits are our first choice on all occasions. But how would you feel if we say that there are also many disadvantages to eating fruits? Yes, you heard it right. This is absolutely true.

Actually every fruit has a special time to eat. If these things are not kept in mind, these fruits, which are beneficial for health, can also have reverse effects. Now you must be thinking, why to follow a time of eating fruits? So do not worry, Today we will tell about this in detail.


Papaya is considered effective for weight loss, but if it is eaten at the wrong time, it can also increase the weight. Papaya should eat after breakfast in the morning and before lunch. If you are eating papaya after lunch, then it could lead to weight increase.


Many people like to drink orange juice in the morning breakfast, but doing so is wrong with the perspective of health. Drinking orange juice in the empty stomach can cause stomach discomfort. The best time to eat oranges is in the evening as an evening snack.


Pomegranate works to provide energy to the body. In the morning, eating it with breakfast, the body gets energy for the whole day. If it is eaten in the day or even in the evening, it can not be fully utilized.


Apple has an element called pectin, which helps reduce the level of cholesterol and BP. Pectin takes a lot of time to digest, so Apple should avoid eating at night. Eating an apple in the morning breakfast, the body gets its full benefit.


Grapes contain plenty of water. In such a way, after eating grapes, the water level in the body is maintained. Eating grapes early in the morning in empty stomach brings the most benefit to the body.

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