Best Bollywood Movies of all time, If you wish to rewatch some of the best!

Best Bollywood Movies

If you are new to Indian cinema or a Bollywood fanatic and are looking for a list of movies to catch up on, we have gathered a list that will help you with some of the best Bollywood movies of all time. The term Bollywood derived from the mix of Hollywood and Bombay which refers to the Hindi language segment of Indias massive film industry based in Mumbai. This list is an amalgamation of classics and current favorites including all big actors and actresses of Bollywood like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the khans of Bollywood and many more. Infact there is a movie in the list that was in theatres for 23 years! From crime thrillers like Andhadhun to rom coms, this list has something for everyone.

Best Bollywood Movies of all time

Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Wedding, Evergreen Bollywood Movies

This film was released in 1995, Mira Nair’s masterpiece Monsoon Wedding was an international hit. The movie revolves around a wedding and proves that so much happens in a single wedding and there’s so much drama that an entire film can be made on it. 

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Best Bollywood Movies of all time, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

This is the movie we were talking about which ran in one of the famous Mumbai theatre for approximately 23 years. Which means that more than one generation has grown up watching this love story. It is the ultimate rom com of Bollywood. A story about a woman and a young man who meet while on a trip to Europe.


Queen, Evergreen Bollywood Movies

IF you are looking for a movie with an empowered heroine then this is the one for you. It is the story of a 24-year-old woman who when dumped by her fiancé goes on a honeymoon by herself. It is the story of a love affair of a woman and the world yet to be discovered by her.

Article 15

Article 15

A lot has been told about this movie, “everyone in India needs to see” kind of movie. Released in 2019, it is an eye opener and a look into the caste system of India. This crime drama is loosely based on a true story where a cop investigates the disappearance of three young woman from a lower caste.


Best Bollywood Movies of all time

This is one of the movies that has been remade almost 12 times and the remake we are talking about is the third and was released in 2002. Starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shahrukh khan. It is filled with brilliant songs and dance numbers.

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Bombay, Best Bollywood Movies of all time

This 1995 movie about the 1992 riots, which was a dark moment in Indias history. The story revolves around a Muslim bride and a Hindu man in a city which is torn apart by religious violence. This movie was made in Tamil and later dubbed in Hindi.


Andhadhun, Best Bollywood Movies of all time

This crime thriller is one of the best dark comedy movies. It is about a man who takes an unorthodox approach to his music and falls into trouble when he becomes the suspect in an actor’s murder. This movie will have you on the edge and leave you thrilled to figure out what comes next. 

Gully Boy

Gully Boy, Evergreen Bollywood Movies

This movie tells the story of a 22-year-old college student who grows up in the slums of Mumbai and is fond of Hip Hop and the struggle one goes through to achieve success. It is inspired by real-life hip-hop stars, Naezy and Divine who took to stardom with their first viral video Mere Gully Mein.