Best 8 Legendary Bands that Will Be in Our Hearts Forever


After crowdsourcing information’s based on things like awards won, tours and sales and out of opinions based on hundreds of millions of people around the world we have shortlisted the ten best bands.  We all are aware that a person might not know much about the music theory and its basics but knows what they like if they hear it. That is why many of the skilled bands are not on the list as they lack mass appeal and that is what we are trying to convey here. 

Best 8 Legendary Bands

8 Queen


Queen, no doubt had already won their place in the top 10. Since 1970 they have only been giving us new music and had been touring the world, though with a new vocalist since the demise of Freddy Mercury. They are known to be the kings of pop rock and arena rock even though they are named as Queen. Songs by Queen are played all over the world even today. 

If you been to any of the sporting events, you might have heard their anthems being chanted by attendees in order to intimidate the opposing team.  

Certified Sale: 147.6 Million

7 The Doors

The Doors

Active between 1965 to 1973, The Doors were around for a short period of 8 years but were one of the most influential and prominent bands of the counterculture era. It was also one of the most controversial band of that time due to the erratic behavior of Jim Morrison. The interest in the band has never gone down as every decade, new fans are added as the cover songs are becoming quite popular in hit movies.

After 14 years of its initial release, The Doors first album re-entered the billboard charts and so did their “best of” and greatest hits album.

Certified Sale: 48.2 Million

6 Nirvana

Kurt Cobain was the star that brought Nirvana to fame and since his death and the band falling out in 1994, Dave Grohl has become a musical prodigy since then and has been singing vocals, playing drums, bass and performing in many bands and collabs. In 1991, the hit “smells like teen spirit” launched them to stardom.

Since then, nothing has stopped them bagging most of the awards in rapid succession. In the very first year of their eligibility in 2014, they got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nevermind was the album that took down Michael Jacksons Dangerous from the billboard charts top spot.

Certified Sale: 52.3 Million

5 U2


A crew of friends from secondary school in Dublin formed the band U2 when none of them had any real proficiencies with music. Just within four years they had a record deal. They were a global sensation by their fifth album. They have the maximum number of Wins with 22 Grammy Awards, which is more than any other band.

They are known to experiment with their music and evolve with new sound.

4 Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

They had a very wide appeal and preferred playing in the folk rock and blues rock genres but then are also the progenitors of heavy metal too. Any track that they came out was big and Stairway to Heaven was the most influential songs in rock history. 

Their albums were the highest selling ever with concerts breaking records for people in attendance. Their albums were all in the top 10. Every music award available have been presented to them.

Certified sale: 31.1 Million

3 The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys Bands

They earlier ventured with the California sound of surf rock but later evolved as their fan base matured into more personal themes. Their arrangements and orchestrations got so complex that they couldn’t perform it live on stage as faithfully as the recorded version. 

They were one of the few bands which were formed and got their stardom before the British invasion and kept that position before and after that period. 

2 Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Bands

They were big in the British rock scene and with the addition of David Gilmour as their creative direction head, they gained international recognition. They released a total of 15 albums over a career spanning in six decades. They even are known to have composed film scores for some of the movies. The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall are amongst the bestselling albums of all time. 

They have a huge fan base even if the music that they release is quite dark and won’t ever be considered pop. 

1 The Rolling Stones. 

The Rolling Stones Bands

The band formed in 1962 and even the solo careers of the members are as big as the band The Rolling Stones. Out of the 5 most grossing tours, four out of them belonged to this band. They stayed true to genres like Soul, Rock and R&B which actually were the reason behind their success. Even after 60 years, the band is still on top.