Bangalore Bus Driver created a mini-garden inside the bus and the reason will amaze you.


“I have been doing it for last 3-4 yrs to create awareness about keeping the environment green.”

People now a days are very much active on social media. If you are updated then you must have seen a auto man who transformed his roof into a garden to spread the awareness to protect the nature and how to keep the environment naturally cool.

Recently, a Bangalore man became famous after he did something amazing.

Narayanappa is a government bus driver and he has turned his bus into a mini garden. He have planted nearly 20 small plants in the bus. He have two motives behind doing so. First, the air is clean in their bus and the passengers feel good. Second, by doing so, he inspires others to save the environment and plant. Narayanappa has been working planting and caring for them for the last 3-4 years.

The news agency ANI tweeted a photo of Narayanappa on May 5, where we can see that the bus they run, has a ‘small garden’. Small plants are being planted on the dash board of the bus, some plants are kept behind the seat also.

After the ANI tweets, people tweeted a lot of praise in favor of Narayanappa.

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