On Safer Internet Day, Ayushmann Khurrana roots for ending violence against children

Ayushmann Khurrana roots-2

On Safer Internet Day, actor Ayushmann Khurrana has joined hands with UNICEF as the celebrity advocate for their global campaign EVAC (Ending Violence Against Children) to spread the awareness of how education can help children utilize the full potential of the digital world.

Sharing the message, the Andhadhun actor said, “The online world presents such a great chance for children to learn and share their ideas. This Safer Internet Day lets encourage children, especially, girls to explore the internet and fuel their ambitions and dreams for a promising future.”

Ayushmann Khurrana roots

He added, “The opportunities presented by the internet are endless. Children can learn more and share their ideas with the world. The internet is full of ideas and imagination, much like the mind of a child. There are also dangers, but through education, we can empower children to stay safe online. This Safer Internet Day, let’s work to end violence online and make the online world a safer space for every child.”

Talking about movies the actor will be seen in Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. While Ayushmann plays the character of a cross-functional athlete, Vaani Kapoor portrays a transgender person’s role in the film.

On Safer Internet Day, Ayushmann Khurrana roots

Talking about the film, Abhishek Kapoor earlier said, “Ayushmann and I are both known for a particular kind of cinema, and this film is special for the both of us.” On the other hand, Ayushmann also said, “Abhishek has a very distinct and strong voice in cinema today.” Speaking about the film, Ayushmann added, “It is a total entertainer for the family.

It is a beautiful, progressive love story that will also touch your hearts.” Speaking about his film choices, the actor recently said, “I have never chosen a film based on its budget, scale, or mounting. For me, these aren’t the only important factors for a film to be perceived as a big film.

I have only chosen films based on the bigness and uniqueness of their content. For me, a big film should trigger conversations on a national level and pull people into discussing issues that concern them.”

Aayushman usually plays in movies that come with a beautiful message like Bala with Self-love and acceptance. Many other movies like this also break the social taboo.