Attention Girls! These habits can really have adverse affects on your health.


Attention Girls! These habits can really have adverse affects on your health.

Now women are going to go to the gym, doing overtime in office and taking care of their family. In such a busy lifestyle, women make many mistakes related to health, which affects their health very badly.

Women should know what they are doing with their health. It is very important to keep your health healthy, because this is the key of everything by which you can fulfill your responsibilities. For performing different activities women should be strong and healthy.

Nowadays women do not pay much attention to their health and make some mistakes in this round due to which they suffer. So let’s know about the mistakes that women often take on their health.

Wearing high heels:

Wearing high heels does not harm your feet, but if you wear high heel daily, then it has a lot of pressure on the joints. This can lead to many health problems such as waist pain, arthritis, shoulder injury, osteoarthritis, nerve and bone damages etc. It is not that you should give up wearing the heel but you should wear a heel less than 1.5 inches.

Habit of wearing makeup and sleeping:

Reaching home from party and sleeping with make-up can be your biggest mistake. By keeping the makeup on the skin while sleeping, the dust can get in the skin pores. Eye make-up like Mascara, Eye Shadow and Eye Glitter can cause eye irritation.

Not getting enough sleep:

It is very important to take adequate sleep in order to work properly. Not sleeping at night and getting up early in the morning has a great effect on your health. Due to the lack of sleep, you motivation starts decreasing and you begin to feel tired and increase your risk of various health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. 7 to 9 hours of sleep is very important.

Emotional Eating:

Many women eat for their comfort. If you also do emotional eating then you should stop it because it can spoil your health. At the time of emotional eating, your emotions are controlled, but it hurts further. This can damage your diet and you may also become a victim of obesity.

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