ASMR: How Watching These Videos Can Help You Relax


ASMR videos are the new hype which are currently ruling the YouTube world. Even though it only portrays people eating in a rather deliberate way, these videos have gathered their fair share of audience.

Let’s dig deeper and find out the science behind ASMR and it’s therapeutic side.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

In actual sense, ASMR is more of a biological reaction that creates a sense of pleasure upon hearing or seeing something that satisfies the brain. For eg : the sensation of tingling on your neck or the goosebumps you experience after watching a horror flick.

The New YouTube sensation

ASMR videos are immensely popular on various social media platforms including YouTube. What happens in these videos is that a person gets the camera rolling and just eats a dish. Most often it’s a massive meal containing varied textures and every sound is amplified in the video. Viewers can clearly hear the sounds of chewing, biting or slurping.

A sensory response

People might find it to watch other people enjoy their meals, science can explain it. A famous scientific journal Plos one published a study that states that ASMR shares similarities with sensory experiences like goosebumps which people mostly experience by listening to certain types of music.

During ASMR, the activity was primarily observed in the anterior medial prefrontal cortex which is linked to highly moving and sentimental piece of art. This represents a strong emotional response, more noticeable in people who tend to respond to triggers like smacking of lips.

The emotional complexity related to ASMR

ASMR videos stimulate tingling sensations and enhance emotional responses like sense of excitement. But it’s important to bring to your notice that these responses occured only in ones  that where identified with ASMR and only when they watched videos of ASMR.

ASMR as concluded in the study is a complex mixture of emotions that includes both activation and deactivation of emotional effects.

ASMR : A therapy used for relaxation

People who liking watch ASMR videos often highlight that it helps them to deal with stress conditions and helps them get in getting a better sleep. The study’s results pointed out that these videos may induce therapeutic benefits in those individuals that experience ASMR.