Are You Also Looking For The Ways To Control Your Anger?


Are You Also Looking For The Ways To Control Your Anger? These Foods Surely Going To Help You Out.

It is said that one should never take any decision when they are angry because in anger people lose their ability to think and decide what is right. Anger is considered as the worst enemy of our human body. It can make the things worst and can even lead to something which can destroy others.

In Anger, people can’t understand what is right and what is wrong. At that time they do what they feel like. We realize the mistakes after we calm down. Anger is like a terrible hurricane in the heart, which leave its bad impact afterward.

It is said that we should think twice before we speak. But anger does not give this opportunity to think. In anger, people do the bigger mistake of their life and they realize this afterward. It also makes the relationship worst. Actually, there are so many practical things that can be done to calm anger immediately.

But today we are going to tell you the permanent solution for your anger:


Eat two ripped sweet apple in the empty stomach every morning for fifteen days continuously, this will help to reduce your anger. The person who breaks the vessel, who raises his hand on the child, will also be able to get rid of his anger. It reduces the weakness of the brain and also improves memory.


Eat amla murabba every day and in the evening eat gulkand with milk. You will soon get rid of your anger.

Cold Water:

Whenever you feel angry drink lots of cold water. Water is helpful in reducing anger by lowering our stress.


Those who get angry a lot, they should fast on Monday, or have a meal only one time. At night, they should offer prayer to the moon. This also keeps the mind calm and anger prevails.

Tea and Coffee:

Those who have the problem of getting angry quickly, they should avoid coffee, tea and other caffeine products.

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