Anushka Sharma trolled on Twitter for asking What is the signal for a four at India vs Sri Lanka World Cup match.


Actress Anushka Sharma has reached England. The Indian cricket team is playing the World Cup there. Anushka came to support his husband and Team India captain Virat Kohli. During the match between India and Sri Lanka on Saturday, she was seen cheering up for her husband.

During the match, camera was constantly moving towards Anushka, in the meantime something like that was captured in the camera due to which people started trolling Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli.

A video of Anushka asking one of those sitting besides her “Is this a four signal?” has gone viral. She is seen making the gesture of the signal which indicates a four (4 runs).

Taking a dig at the actor, a fan wrote, “Wife of Indian Cricket team Captain” with a folded hands emoji. A similar tweet read, “Wife of best cricketer in the world.” Another user wrote, “Kohli ko sahi biwi mili hai. (Kohli has got the right kind of wife).”

Going by the lip sync in the video, she said: “Is this a four signal?”, (she then makes the gesture of the signal that indicates a four in cricket) and then bursts out laughing.

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