Angry Gf tips Rs.3.4 lakhs as a tip to the restaurant with Boyfriend’s Credit Card.


Having fight in a relationship is considered to be fine because where there is love there is fight. This increases the bond between the two. But have you ever heard that a girl swiped her bf’s credit card for a tip of Rs.3.4 lakhs in a restaurant just because her bf was not booking her flight ticket? So let us tell you the complete story.

Actally a girlfriend and boyfriend in the restaurant were arguing over something, but the debate increased so much that the cafe got benefited from this fight. Cafe earned the complete 1 month of sales in just 1 day. Now your curiosity will be rising even further, so let’s come to the point. Actually, there was a debate between a couple in a Florida restaurant.

The incident took place in Florida at Clear Sky Café in Clearwater where a woman paid$5000 tip to the server.

According to reports, the woman was angry with her boyfriend for not allowing her to use his credit card to purchase a ticket for going back home to New York.

Police Arrested the Girl:

When the police came to know the whole incident, they arrested the girl. Actually, if a credit card is used without anyone’s permission, then it is a legal offense, due to which the girl was arrested. In this entire case, the boy told the police that his girlfriend wasdrunk, due to which she did so, but the police have imposed a fine of $ 1000 on the girl.

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