Amazon sells Rs 9 lakh camera for Rs 6500 by mistake on Prime Day. Lucky people thanks Amazon.


Glitch On Amazon Site Allows Customer To Purchase ₹9 Lakh Camera gear For Just ₹6500 On Prime Day.

Whenever a sale arrives, we get ready to make purchases. There are some products for which we wait for months to buy it in the lowest price. And Sale is the time when we get products in the lowest price. Just imagine, your favourite product is on sale and that too at the cheapest price.

Amazon Prime Day Sale is the most awaited sale of the year and people eagerly wait for this day.

This year Amazon had a prime day sale on 15 and 16th of July, worldwide. Actually a high end canon EF 800 camera LENS were sols for Rs.6500, i.e $95. Its original value is $13000 (which is approximately 9lakh in Indian rupees).

Yes! you heard it right.

He was not only the lucky customer, as soon as the news of glitch reached people, they started purchasing products of the smae brand or sony, fujifilm, Canon etc.

People from US shared their experience on Reddit.

A user who had ordered the Canon lenses posted “WOW they actually delivered the lenses! I ordered 5 of the “Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM Super Telephoto Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras” lenses for just $500! That’s $65,000 worth of lenses! Can’t believe Amazon actually delivered! Now the question is what’s the best route to get these sold? Should I head straight to Adorama and see if they will purchase them?”

There were some unlucky customers as well.

“In for one, more like in for the cancellation. Wanted this one for a LONG time. It’d be crazy awesome if they honored the deal but probably not,” wrote a disappointed user.

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