Amazon is giving three months of salary to the Employees for leaving the job, along with millions of rupees.


Yes! You heard it Right!

People often get money when they get a job, but a famous company is giving millions of rupees on leaving the job. Yes, for doing a job you get salary but here if you quit the job you can get millions of rupees.

Well, You might be thinking its a joke but this is the truth. Actually, Amazon company has announced to give millions of rupees to its employees for leaving the job. However, the company has its own separate policy behind it, but whoever is listening to this, then find it fake.

The world’s renowned laboring company Amazon has declared its employees to pay millions of rupees along with free salary after leaving the job. In fact, the company wants to expand its business with this announcement. According to the information, the announcement is that the company wants to do successful 1 day delivery, due to which it wants to bring more workers in the field of delivery, for which the company has also prepared its entire plan.

7 Lakhs Rupees will be given:\

According to the information received, Amazon has made a mood to pay 10,000 $ with a salary of 2-3 months to their employees, which is reaching Rs 7 lakh in the Indian rupee.

Let us tell you that the company is looking to bring employees in the delivery business instead of office duty, so that the dream of one day delivery is completed. Not only this, the company is also encouraging its employees to start their own business. Simultaneously, it will also take care of staff facilities.

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